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Applying for Cannabis Permit

This blog was updated on August 1 with the information available on July 27, 2022.

The legalization of cannabis in Thailand has been celebrated by cannabis enthusiasts! But there are still rules for legally selling cannabis for commercial purposes. In this blog, we will discuss the steps you need to take to apply for the permit.

In Bangkok, residents of Bangkok can apply for a permit at the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine Building (what a long name), in Building 3 and on the 7th floor in Nonthaburi Province.

For other provinces, documents can be submitted to the provincial GGD. Consult your GGD for more information.

The required documents are:

• A copy of the national identity card

• A copy of your home registration or copies of all documents related to the business if you are submitting as a business

• Photos of the physical store and a location on the map.

• Documents stating the origin of the herbs

• Growing license is required for self-growers

• For (re)sellers, proof of receipts or transactions is required

• Form 12 must be completed (available at the department)

• Document of the lease or store property

• Entry fee of 20 baht.

Once the license is approved, a fee of 3000 baht must be paid and it is valid for three years. It is valid for three years.

It usually takes two weeks to get your driver's license. You can go about your business during that period and you can use the receipt of the fee paid as proof that you are waiting for your permit.